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"I remember at a party, like, two years ago, I was walking with you at some party and Mariah Carey walked by.Do you remember this? And you turned to her, I think you had had a little bit to drink -"


"Do you remember what you said to her?"

Mariah Carey, You’re Mine (Eternal)

And I just can’t seem to give you up, you’re mine.


In case you missed any of Mariah Carey’s ‘You’re Mine’ appearances today, here are all the audio/video links you need:

* Music video:
* MTV Live:
* The Breakfast Club:
* KTU:
* Z100:
* Big Boy’s Neighborhood:
* iTunes:
* Remix on iTunes:
* Listen via VEVO:
* Hot 97: To be updated.

Tune in for the world premiere of You’re Mine (Eternal) music video on MTV at 7:50pm & tweet#AskMariah for the LIVE Q&A!