Billie ain’t playing. 

Get to know me meme - [1/5] Favorite Musicians: Mariah Carey

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Since you love with Mariah Carey, who is a queen, do you have an opinion on her spat with Nicki Minaj? As much as Mariah Carey throwing shade makes me happy, I guess it just disappointed me seeing these two women I respect go at each other.

YASSS bb, you betta praise Godriah.


From the start it seemed pretty transparent that the feud was created by the showrunners solely for the purpose of getting people’s attention, in an effort to boost ratings (which Mariah has pointed out and criticized on record several times since leaving the show).

Added to that Mariah’s obvious frustrations with having to work in a way the show wanted her to, as in: Not really giving constructive criticism, not actually being able to mentor these people, or give them the sheer wealth of advice that she could about making it in the music business, and so on - As well as her frustration that the show promised her she would be the only female judge, on a typical three-person panel system, only to go behind her back and hire Nicki, while also promoting this fake feud to boost ratings, and you get a pretty good idea of why Mariah was so prone to lashing out at Nicki.

And i’m sure Nicki’s part in it was something similar, she gets a job working with someone who she’s always considered an icon, someone who she always claimed to be a big fan of, only to have her seemingly give her the cold shoulder, while the show claims they’re immature, bitchy divas clashing behind the scenes.

It seemed like both were frustrated with the set-up of the show, how it was being handled, how the show was promoting them individually and their relationship together, so I get why a fake feud turned into something of a real one, but at this point I doubt either of them really care - Nicki probably wrote it off as a bad experience she won’t repeat, and Mariah did what Mariah tends to do, she moves on and pretends that it never happened.

Title: Honey [Pitch fix]
Artist: Mariah Carey

lol i didn’t know Mariah was the one talking in the beginning of the Honey Music video. Here’s an audio of her own voice.

You ain’t even gotta worry about a thing, I got ya, Babe. And ain’t nobody takin’ me away, it’s not a game, i’m here to stay.

So let’s push love to the limit and life to the edge. I’ve only one request of you…